As you do I hate to lose and especially like I did last night.  1 second to go D. Brown nails a 3 pointer to tie it at 59-59 sending the game to OT. The rest is history for me as I could careless who wins the damn game. I made that game 121 which was 6-7 points off in my opinion and at this point in the year with CBB if I don’t make that line at least 5 points off I’m not touching it. So I’m not changing a thing. I don’t get stubborn as you know I adjusted several things this season to get to the best number. I realize I didn’t have a good CBB season as I have in the past but I guarantee it would have been a train wreck had adjustments not been made. OK now  today. I’ll cap the games and keep you posted. Again, I’m ready for the Horses. I was able to get all my things together and I will cap some races here very soon. OK back later everyone and have a Good Day.