Well yesterday I went 2-3 on my posted plays. Truly should have been a better day after looking back. It seems my numbers are where they need to be to help me determine plays and scratches. I was still a little nervous and scratched 2 plays due to line movement which  would have been 1-1 as Mich. St was a winner but Cal St Northridge losing. So saves some juice there. My mistakes yesterday was  Duquesne as Appalachian St was clearly a play according to my numbers. Also, I Should have pulled the trigger on Georgia Tech  and Tenn. Tech but since it’s early and I just made adjustments I passed. As you guys know hindsight is 20/20 but I just wanted to let you know I am working at this stuff and trying to get it right. Just being conservative early on that’s all. Also, a play that I didn’t get to post because of work and it won in the NBA was the Wash/Port under in the NBA. Sorry but I do work and that will happen. Anyway I have another really busy afternoon here at home so I won’t get to post until later which I don’t prefer but such as life. Have a great day everyone. Keep Well.

Back Later,