Thistledown R7 ~ Opinion/Notes ~ 3:55 Post time
The 6 is my pick 4/1 ML. Which could drop obviously.

4 is going to get out early but has trouble holding on and is returning to route today.

7 is going to take some $ also and he does run good here, so he could make the board.

Couple of long shots

The 5 & 8. The 5’s speed is concerning although he does well hanging around at this distance. The 8 on the other hand has shown some speed lately and I like De La Cruz riding along with trainer Adkins in this position.


2,3 and 9 (SCR). The 2 is moving up in class today and against this field I left him off. The 3 and 9 (SCR) will bid for the front early but I don’t think they will best this field.

Have a great day and good luck.

Scott Koz